Past Events

Watch 2016 Talks Here! 

2016 Speakers & Performers

  • Kathleen Ballantyne, composer
  • Jessica Belgrave, activist 
  • Logan Carlson, entrepreneur 
  • Gordon Lubold, journalist
  • Samite Mulondo, musician 
  • Hilary Niver-Johnson, local business owner and environmentalist
  • Keith Thorne, Ph.D., astrophysicist 

Watch 2015 Talks Here! 

2015 Speakers & Performers

  • Gregory Beck, international development expert
  • Regi Carpenter, storyteller
  • Christian Li, musician
  • Faith Muirhead, Ph.D., teaching advocate
  • Paul Mutolo, Ph.D., scientist
  • Ben Nightingale, suicide prevention advocate
  • Elaine Parker, aviatrix
  • Michelle Wallen, naturalist 

Watch 2014 Talks Here!

2014 Speakers & Performers

  • Amy Bush, business owner and registered movement therapist
  • Dr. Gregg Caruso, associate professor of philosophy
  • Joey Foster Ellis, artist, TED Fellow
  • Jeremy Grimins, hairstylist
  • Michael Hoffman, sustainability advocate
  • Brud Holland, chef and business owner
  • Austyn Johnson, ballet dancer
  • Elaine Mansfield, writer and bereavement educator
  • Ben Placek, physicist
  • Brett Powell, marketing consultant
  • Kayla Talkington, health and wellness coach

Watch 2013 Talks Here!

2013 Speakers & Performers

  • Jacob Beck, musician
  • Ann Crook, director of aviation
  • Maria Strinni Gill, photographer
  • Sriram Hathwar, Scripps National Spelling Bee finalist
  • Waguih Ishak, scientist and business leader
  • Don Keddell, educator, community advocate
  • Matthew Neil LeRoux, agricultural marketing specialist
  • Sean Lukasik, entrepreneur
  • Aaron Mead, artist, designer
  • Andrew Nemr, performer and TED Fellow
  • Connie Sullivan-Blum, cultural anthropologist

Watch 2012 Talks Here!

2012 Speakers & Performers

  • Sharon Rula Backos, professional actress, poet, playwright, and solo-performer
  • Amelia Harnas, artist 
  • Michael Dittman, writer, teacher
  • Josh Furnas,  social entrepreneur
  • Dave Clark, advocate and motivational speaker 
  • Laura Cunningham, playwright 
  • Arthur Weaver, inventor
  • Audrey Lane Ellis, dancer 
  • Randi Hewit, community advocate 
  • Whiskey Tango Sideshow, performers 
  • Charlie Trautmann, educator 
  • Claudio Mazzali, scientist
  • Steve Kettelle, organic farmer and social advocate
  • Catherine Drew Harvell, professor of ecology and evolutionary biologist
  • Tracy Savard, information specialist and historian
  • Bronson Wistuk, Kyle Landin, & Amanda Williams, student ambassadors, Americans Promoting Study Abroad

 Watch 2011 Talks Here!

2011 Speakers & Performers

  • Rich LaVere,  photographer, documentary producer, magazine correspondent, and business owner
  • Kristopher Radder, photographer, humanitarian, and news correspondent
  • Sriram Hathwar, Scripps National Spelling Bee participant and NYS Spelling Bee finalist
  • Vincent Chicone, cabinetmaker and creator of historic furniture reproductions
  • Colleen Parsons, hospice nurse, TED advocate, community volunteer, and business owner
  • Morris Samit, entrepreneur, business executive, and educator
  • Retha Cazel, clay artist and Ayurveda medicine apprentice
  • Rhonda Morton, artist, entrepreneur, and business consultant
  • Willie Davis, musician
  • Gabriel Ankamafio-Adjei, social advocate and business entrepreneur
  • Lee Welles, author, politician, and wellness ambassador
  • Susan Amisano, vocal performer, musician, and teacher
  • Brad Treat, technology innovator, business entrepreneur, and professor
  • Lina Echeverria, scientist, business leader, and technology advocate
  • Vickie Mike, educator, public speaker, visual artist, and consultant