Speakers & Performers

TEDxChemungRiver 2016 Speakers and Performers

Our Speaker & Performer application for the 2016 event has closed. If you have any questions, please contact us at TEDxCRSP@gmail.com. Stay tuned for our 2017 Speakers and Performers application in mid-2017!

Here was our 2016 Speakers and Performers lineup:

Kathleen Ballantyne

Kathleen Ballantyne is a music educator at the Ithaca College School of Music, as well as a composer. She’s the founder of Forte Music Editing and a contributor for “Activate!” magazine, reaching people far beyond New York State. It is our pleasure to have Kathleen join us for TEDxChemungRiver 2016!

Jessica Belgrave

Jessica Belgrave, a local activist for social change currently based in Elmira, elicits change through her nonprofit organization “Mothers Helping Mothers”. Utilizing mentorship programs for women and teen girls, Jessica’s drive for social equity and economic revitalization in her community cannot be sated. Please welcome Jessica to TEDxChemungRiver 2016!

Logan Carlson

A Southern Tier native, Logan Carlson seeks to lead his team at AnyCafe Incorporated to the next step in coffee consumption convenience via a mobile coffee brewing cup. With an affinity for invention, Logan looks to continue to expand upon his leadership capabilities and knack for intuitive ideas.

Gordon Lubold

Gordon Lubold is a journalist with over 15 years of experience covering matters pertaining to the military and to foreign policy. Speaking from his firsthand experience traveling to provide coverage of several foreign conflicts such as those in East Asia, Africa, and the Middle East following the 2001 terror attacks, Gordon brings a great deal of insight to TEDxChemungRiver 2016.

Samite Mulondo

Samite (Sæm-ē-tay) is an avid musician and humanitarian originally of Uganda. Samite, a political refugee-turned-citizen, has traveled to many countries afflicted with war to share his appreciation for the soul soothing power of music with orphans and former child soldiers. Now he will be sharing his message of peace and appreciation for the arts with us.

Hilary Niver-Johnson

Hilary Niver-Johnson brings sustainability to the Finger Lakes region with her background in environmental science and innovative use of grape pomace, the remnants of grapes after juicing. Hilary started the company Sustainable Viticulture Systems to recycle and repurpose grape pomace as a food product and a form of renewable fuel.

Keith Thorne

An astrophysicist with a Ph.D. attained at the University of Minnesota, Keith Thorne seeks a greater understanding of the universe, particularly black holes and gravitational waves. While Keith currently resides and works in Louisiana, he is no stranger to the Twin Tiers region, having maintained a strong cycling hobby when he lived in Wellsboro previously.